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With our StopEver brand, we offer practical products that are suitable for the modern lifestyle and make life easier. Our main principle is to produce safe, practical, and easily accessible healthy products.

Since 2006, it has successfully started to sell innovative products in its OTC product range, which have been used and admired by millions of people abroad and in Turkey. According to the socio-economic developments in Turkey, Interday continues to work with the aim of providing the most suitable products to consumers with the most perfect service with its partners.

For the past 10 years, we have been offering comfort-enhancing products suitable for many modern lifestyles, especially products that help reduce fever, relieve pain, and relax, in Turkey.

We continue our R&D studies uninterrupted for our revolutionary products like Lady Comfort, which will enable you to adapt to life without interruption; We always aim to achieve better for you. All of our products are produced in accordance with world standards and with a CE certificate after passing the necessary tests. Our drug-free products can be used as an adjunct to any drug therapy, and since they have no side effects, they are suitable for consumption by all age groups.

From pads that warm your hands and feet to gel bands that help reduce migraines and headaches, we continue our research and development studies for our revolutionary products that will enable you to adapt to life without interruption; we always aim to achieve better.

We deliver our brand, which has a wide range of products that can instantly respond to different needs, to every corner of Turkey through a wide distribution channel. It makes StopEver products accessible through big chain stores such as Migros, Gratis, and Watsons, with whom we cooperate; you can also buy from the comfort of your home through online sales channels such as

Dental and Oral Health

Take care of your teeth; they will take good care of you. Discover dental and oral products now.

Underwear Products

Discover underwear products.

Heating and Cooling Products

Discover products that help relieve pain and reduce fever.

Personal Care Products

Discover safe and practical personal care products.

Hot-Cold Multi-Use Compressors

Discover many times used compresses