StopEver Well Tooth Toothpick Floss – With Carry Bag – 150 pcs

The StopEver Well Tooth Toothpick Floss is designed to easily clean and remove food particles, plaque, and other debris from between teeth and gums. Its special design features a flexible tip which can easily get in between teeth, and its special shape helps reduce gum inflammation and bleeding.

How to use

  • Remove dental plaque by gently sliding the floss up and down between teeth.
  • Use the curved end of the toothpick to remove any food residue between the teeth and gums as needed.
  • After use, rinse the oral cavity with clean water as necessary.


  • It should be kept out of reach of children and should be applied to children under adult control.
  • Gums may bleed during the first use of floss, if bleeding continues or if a floss toothpick is swallowed, consult your dentist.
  • Keep away from fire.
  • For external use.
  • It is disposable, dispose of it properly after use.

Product information

  • Package content: 150 pcs dental floss with toothpicks,carry bag.