StopEver Well Tooth Interdental Brush – 40 pcs

With its regular use, StopEver Well Tooth Interface Brush / Interdental Brush helps to maintain the health of teeth and gums, and to provide oral hygiene in the most perfect way.

It is used for orthodontic dental bridges, braces and cleaning between teeth, metal-free brush structure prevents damage to gums, implants, bridges and braces. Specially developed conical and soft brush structure provides easy, safe, effective and hygienic cleaning in places where toothbrush cannot reach.r, Gently removes dental plaque and food and also massages gums.

It is always with you with its mint flavor and gift travel bag, ready to provide refreshment whenever you need it.

How to use

  • The conical soft brush structure of the interface brushes easily enters between the teeth that most toothbrushes cannot reach, gently removes dental plaque and food, and also massages the gums.


  • It should be kept out of reach of children and should be applied by adults on children.
  • Using a brush can cause bleeding.
  • Consult your doctor in case of continued bleeding or swallowing.
  • It is disposable.
  • It should be disposed of properly after use.

Product information

  • Package includes: 40 Pcs Interdental brushes, travel case.