StopEver Diamond Touch Sports Blue Flex

Cold and hot use, pain relieving , non-freezing, multi-use compress.

Suitable for use knee, elbow, wrist, and leg.

It helps to warm up in hot use before sports and to relieve all physical trauma, injury and pain in cold use after sports. It can be easily applied to many parts of the body with its long velcro belt. In addition, it easily covers the applied area. Non-freezing and elastic form helps you to get the maximum benefit from the product.

Product Benefits in Cold and Hot Use:

In cold use: It helps to relieve muscle and tissue trauma, swelling, sprains and injuries, and pain after sports. In hot use: It helps to warm up before sports, soften muscle stiffness and relieve pain.

How to use

  • Cold use: Leave the product for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator section of the refrigerator. If the product is frozen, you can wait for a few minutes at room temperature before using it.
  • Hot use: You can heat the product in 2 different ways. Firstly, holding the product for 5-7 minutes in a bowl of water at a maximum temperature of 80 degrees, completely wrapped in a towel. The second method is 30 seconds in the 700 Watt power level and 25 seconds in the 1,000 Watt power level in the microwave oven .


  • Used externally.
  • Do not use the product outside of the specified application areas.
  • Do not use the product if you have a skin that is very allergic, intense tenderness or loss of sensation.
  • Never use the product in the event of an open wound.
  • In special cases (such as after surgical intervention), you should be secure an approval by your surgeon or your doctor before use.
  • If an unexpected situation occurs during use of the product, stop using the product immediately. Your pain, discomfort, or distressing condition does not improve or stops, seek immediate medical help.
  • Do not use the product for longer than recommended. Controlled use against possible cold-burn conditions is recommended.
  • Never use any method other than the recommended methods for hot use (oven, heater, etc.). After heating the product with the recommended methods, always check the temperature with your hands before applying. If the product is too hot, do not use it and wait for the temperature to decrease to the usable level.
  • Do not press on the product. Never use explosive, damaged or leaking products. If the product content comes into contact with the skin, immediately rinse the area in contact with water. If the problem persists, medical attention should be urgently received.
  • Not suitable for children’s use.

Product information

  • Package includes: 35 cm. Length compress with 56 cm. length velcro belt.