Multi purpose first aid kit with 44 unit content.

• 44 Units of product including bandages, pads, tweezers, earplugs, etc., all for use in a case of first aid conditions.
• Huge variety of products in one box, easy to carry and use. Security pass friendly, no metal content. Fits everywhere.

• Wash/ Disinfect hands properly .
• Remove residue or external particles on the wound with the tweezers.
• Wash the wound with minimum physical contact and wipe the area gently.
• Place any specific bandage or pad properly. Beware to cover all the wounded area. Do not leave the area exposed. Afterwards stabilize the area with PBT bandage.
• You can use the ear plugs, if you have any sensitive hearing conditions. Usage against to the exposure of high volume sounds is also recommended.
• Cooling patch should be used an aid product to give a relief for high body temperature.

• For external use only.
• Do not use an already torn/ opened packaging.
• Store the package in a cool, dry place.
• This product does not content any drug or or product that can replace a drug.
• Read the instructions with total care.
• In case of any improper usage or doubts, consult a MD or seek for medical aid/ support immediately.

• Sheer Adhesive Bandages
76 mm. x 19 mm. (5 pcs)
56 mm. x 19 mm. (5 pcs)
Spots dia 22 mm. (10 pcs)
40 mm. x 10 mm. (10 pcs)
• Clear Adhesive Bandages
76 mm. x 19 mm. (2 pcs)
• Fabric Adhesive Bandages
76 mm. x 19 mm. (2 pcs)
51 mm. x 10.2 mm. (1 pc)
• Non-Adharent pad (1 pc)
51 mm. x 76 mm.
• Cooling Patch (1 pc)
110 mm. x 40 mm.
• Alcohol Pad (4 pcs)
• 60 mm. x 30 mm (4 pcs)
• PBT (polyamid) Elastic bandage (1 pc)
50 mm. x 2 mt.
• Plastic Tweezers 7.5 cm. (1 pc)
• Ear Plug (1 pair)

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