Well life / for a good life

With our StopEver brand, we offer practical products that make life convenient for modern lifestyle. Our primary aim is to produce safe, practical, easily accessible health related products.

Since 2006, our company has been marketing innovative OTC products, of which are the countertype products that have been selling and used with the appreciation by millions of people throughout the Globe, with a huge success. StopEver, according to the socio-economic developments in Turkey, continues to work with the aim of providing the best products with the best service with the help of her reputable business partners.

We have started our journey with the help of one product: “Cool Baby – Cooling Patch” and today within the addition of many products in a wide range of different categories, our business expands and thrives. Throughout the years, we have accomplished bringing comfort-enhancing products ‘good’ for everyone.

Our revolutionary R&D work continues without interruption, from pads that heat your hands and feet, to gel bands that help reduce migraines and headaches, We always aim to reach for better.

Today, all the individuals can have: Headaches, high fever, periodic aches, burns and minor injuries, waist and muscle aches, heel strike and many other problems in their daily lives. We are here to provide practical and easy to use products with immediate relief, so that people can enjoy their life’s with the maximum comfort.

From products that support tooth and personal care, to body warmers and foot care products, we offer ‘innovative products’ that can be easily accessed and used with ease and comfort in daily life.

Our major product groups are:

– Pain Relief Support
– Cooling Patch
– Body Warmers
– Tooth Care
– Foot Care
– Nasal Strips
– First Aid Range
– Personal Care

All of our products are manufactured according to the world standards and CE certificate, qualified all the required tests. One of our most important s is to be fully comply with the European Union norms and required legislations. From the very beginning of our corporate history we have aimed to deliver products which are: Consumer friendly, practical use, ÇEVKO approved – recyclable packaging – and environment friendly.

We carry our brand, which has a wide range of products that can respond to different needs instantly, to every corner of Turkey and hopefully in the future to wide range of other countries. Through our large presence throughout the reputable chain stores, we are able to make StopEver products accessible everywhere. You can even buy them from online sales channels.

Our biggest goal today and tomorrow will be to add convenience to our everyday lives and to improve everyone’s comfort and quality of life with the StopEver brand and our ever increasing number of products, which are small in dimensions but great in benefit.

Well life / for a good life